Sunday, November 22, 2009

Marjorie Orbin

The details of personal life of Marjorie Orbin have been disclosed by her in whom she told about her life before coming to jail. Many of the best things of life had been seen by her. She had travelled almost across the world and lived in the United States. She was a well known choreographer and in 20s top dance was being used by her. She had shown the performances of her dance almost all over the world.

Marjorie Orbin says that her life was surely a dream life that everyone wanted to live like. Several acts and music videos had been done by her in whom some of the works in film were also included. She had also appeared in several calendars, posters and modeling shoots. She loved to travel and during the Cannes Film festival, she selected the south side in France to spend her vacations. [Global News,]

They Shoot Horses, Don't They?

hey Shoot Horses, Don't They? is a 1969 American drama film directed by Sydney Pollack. The screenplay by James Poe and Robert E. Thompson is based on the 1935 novel of the same name by Horace McCoy. It focuses on a disparate group of characters desperate to win a Depression-era dance marathon and the opportunistic emcee who urges them on to victory. [wikipedia]

Horace McCoy (novel)
James Poe (screenplay) ...
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Release Date:
10 September 1970 (West Germany)


Talon King Ikiss

Talon King Ikiss (pronounced Eye-kiss), the level 69 boss of Sethekk Halls in Auchindoun, is one of the leaders of the Sethekk, along with Darkweaver Syth.
Together, they led the exodus of the Sethekk from Skettis to the ruins of Auchindoun. Although a charismatic leader at the beginning, Ikiss has since descended into madness.
He now openly proclaims that he is Terokk reborn and expects the Arakkoa to bow down to him as their ruler.

Friday, November 20, 2009


DNF1100 is one of the biggest growing keywords around the world. What it is really is a little harder to determine.

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Found a nearly invisible text on the Shroud of Turin

A Vatican researcher claims she has found a nearly invisible text on the Shroud of Turin and says the discovery proves the authenticity of the artifact revered.

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Christina Ambers

Nov 20, 2009 ... NEW YORK — A foot model in New York City is suing her upscale apartment building , claiming the co-op board is trying to force her out ...

Religious leaders call Americans to stand for sanctity

Unprecedented coalition of religious leaders call Americans to stand for sanctity of life, marriage, and religious freedom